3 Asian Grocery Stores You Need to Visit Near Downtown Kingston

1. Asian Market


A long-standing Asian grocer in downtown Kingston! This place has a great variety of rice, noodles, and spices; it also has a section of kitchenware and cutlery in the back of the store. The store accepts cash and debit. This is a great place for grabbing special ingredients for a home-cooked meal—and it’s right by Metro for your convenience!

This store is fantastic. The owners are nice, selection is great. They portion out produce into portions you’d typically use and sell them cheap, which I appreciate.” – Google Review

2. BV Buy Asian Groceries


Website: https://bv-asian-groceries.myshopify.com

Another grocer in downtown Kingston, BV is located steps from the Downtown Transfer Station and next doors from Crave Cafe. It has a great selection of snacks, drinks, and instant noodles. Its store selection and prices are also listed on its website! This is a good place for quick meals and snack foods.

Promising Review: “Interesting little store with imported asian goods like Pocky and groceries. I love it though because they import different pops like vanilla and cherry coke and pepsi and different flavours of others.” – Google Review

3. Kingston Asian Super


Website: http://kingstonasiansuper.com

Located in the basement beside Flavours of India, KAS is further up on Princess Street near Division and University Street. This one is the largest store of the three, with a huge variety of frozen foods in large freezers—you can find buns, dumplings, as well as hotpot goods like sliced meat and seafood. Being more Korean-focused, it also carries household products and makeup. Prices are online.

KAS is also the only grocer on this list to offer delivery—twice per day to anywhere in Kingston! With free delivery over $70… maybe it’s time to stock up?

A great stop downtown for Asian groceries! Alipay and wechat pay are accepted on purchases over $20. Pretty nice variety with lots of frozen foods and snacks.” – Google Review

For more tips on food and grocery shopping in Kingston…

Check out this guide by Queen’s University International Centre!

We wanna hear from you!

Have you shopped at these places? What is your favourite meal to cook at home and what’s your favourite Asian snack?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ting Yu says:

    I shop at KAS all the time!! Love their dumplings 🙂


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